Who We are

We excel in electrical solutions – installation and power audits.

Mission & Values

We aim to contribute by sharing our field experience.

Our History

We specialize in electrical power & mechanical projects.

Pakistan is facing serious energy crises and is already encouraging shifting focus from merely conventional hydro and thermal power generation towards renewable energy resources like Solar power systems that offer numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills, lower carbon emissions, energy independence and resilience against power outages. These are increasingly popular in both residential and commercial applications as solar technology advances and costs continue to decline.

SPE offers all types of solar power systems to its customers. These systems are very dependable, long-lasting, and cost-effective because they have been carefully planned and implemented. We suggest the following solar systems to customers from all sectors, depending on their specifications and domain like off-grid, on-grid and hybrid solar solutions.


We, at SPE , provide various added advantages to customers who intend to meet their energy needs fully from SOLAR energy or partially from both  solar and partly from power supply by the Utility companies  like IESCO, LESCO  etc. Generally these are:

  • SPE is a professional power engineering company and a professional outlook we can suggest customized solutions suitable for customers in residential, commercial & industrial sectors based on selection of QUALITY component, EFFICIENCY and DURABILITY.
  • SPE will propose feasible solar system with proper engineering by bringing in latest technological innovations.
  • SPE has a well-trained team of Engineers & technicians for installation and maintenance support.