Electrical Design & Consulting Services in Pakistan for Hi-Rise and Industry:

Power distribution networks of large Projects are generally well designed by professional consultants. However, owners of small & medium sized projects often give less importance to designing and depend upon Electricians’ advice to save the design cost without realizing that the consultant’s designs are based on proper engineering calculations for all aspects of the electrical side of the project. Some of these are:

  • Safety & Protection of the network as well as human beings leading to avoidance of sudden down times and eventual production losses.
  • Proper cable sizing & routes
  • Designing of energy efficient lighting systems with lux level requirements.
  • Providing of Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection Systems are given least priority either due to lack of awareness or for budgetary reasons although these are very necessary.

We have years of professional experience in execution of electrical works of diversified projects due to which our clients prefer to our consultancy and design services which cover all practical aspects of the project. We strongly believe that a professional electrical design can save sizeable initial capital cost of the network without compromising on safety, protection and longevity of the electrical system.