Lightning strikes and electrical surges, when occur in an industry, hospital  or a commercial building  cause disrupting effects on the electrical distribution network thereby damaging its critical  electronic  equipment like telephone exchanges hospital equipment  and various  other sensitive installations like data networks and lifts etc. Partly due to unawareness and mainly because these lightning & surge protection systems are costlier, such buildings are not equipped with the relevant protection systems.

We carry out electrical system studies and propose to the building owners to get their electrical networks duly protected. We have executed a number of lightning and surge protection systems for our valued customers. We install the traditional lightning protectors as well as latest technologies like installation of Early Streamer Equipment which are cost effective.


Surge Protection Devices safeguard your electrical systems and sensitive equipment from potentially damaging power surges and also protecting your investments from unexpected voltage spikes. Our certified technicians handle the installation of surge protection devices with precision and efficiency. We also offer scheduled maintenance services to inspect, test, and replace SPDs as needed, keeping your systems fully protected at all times. Surges are potential threat to the electrical system. They can burn sensitive electrical cards of UPS, Invertors, IT systems etc. Our professional engineers can assess which type of surge protection system suits your requirement.