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We excel in electrical solutions – installation and power audits.

Mission & Values

We aim to contribute by sharing our field experience.

Our History

We specialize in electrical power & mechanical projects.

SPE is among pioneers who conduct POWER SYSTEM AUDIT for customers engaged in different spheres like Telecom, Banking, reputed clubs and important commercial buildings etc. and who have year’s old electrical net-works and remain conscious to avoid undesired sudden power outages thereby coming across huge production losses and interruptions in providing fragile service to their customers. Generally the industry and the service providing entities face uncalled for sudden power outages due to multiple reasons like:

  • The power network has become old and has already passed its useful life. The protection devices like circuit breakers have either become defective and sometimes under/over-sized that these are unable to provide protection any more.
  • The replacement of defective items is made with fake and non-genuine products.
  • Cables have become old and are ruptured because these are buried underground and are lying jumbled up in the trenches.
  • The existing electrical network is overloaded as against planned load at design stage. Use of additional lights, air conditioners , heaters and other electrical appliances due to expansion in production, office building and staff.
  • Poor maintenance is carried out and the concept of PREVENTIVE MAINTNANCE is missing in the organizations.
  • Misuse of extension boards and Cods is very common.


All the above reasons demand that a professional appraisal and evaluation of the existing electrical network is carried out through suitably experience electrical engineering companies who may conduct tests and perform other such activities which testify the health, efficiency and efficacy of the existing networks. We perform Megger Testing, Earth Testing, Harmonics Test, HiPod testing etc.

Some organizations require Power System Audit Report for ISO Certification and/or for renewal of their Franchises by their Headquarter offices abroad.

We at SPE have vast experience in the power system audit field.