Trained Human Resource Provider:

Presently Pakistan is facing an acute shortage of trained and experienced Engineers, associate engineers and technicians mainly because of two reasons:

  • The number of training schools and technical schools much less small as compared to the actual local needs. Moreover existing training schools in the public and private sectors unfortunately lack in providing suitable practical training because the “trainers” themselves do not possess sufficient practical experience to share with trainees.
  • Due to known economic reasons, there are minimal employment opportunities in the country. As a result, the job seekers move toward Middle East and other countries where they get job easily at prevailing market salaries.

Due to this big gap in supply and demand, the role of private HR companies comes in but this role is very limited because the HR companies only take responsibility of salary disbursement, medical & insurance matters only and they are unable to make any value addition in improving the quality of skill and supervision which is actually needed.

We at SPE, have a distinctive edge as we ourselves train raw manpower on our projects and offer well trained technical staff while taking responsibility of efficient supervisory services as per needs of the Employers. This is a unique HR capability, preferred by the Employees.