Power System Audits are done by SPE’s engineers to help you identify problems or improve your electrical network’s performance.

In all probability, your company’s electrical network was never designed to carry its current load. In addition to this, as your organization has grown over time, more sensitive digital equipment is likely to have been added. This often causes problems in old parts of the installation. The consequences of an aging network are significant: production downtime, rising energy costs, unsafe situations, restrictions on connecting new loads and difficulties in complying with legal regulations and insurance requirements. Furthermore, the majority of companies have fewer electrical engineers in service to design, install and maintain these systems.

A Power System Audit may help to turn the tide. Our engineers can identify, examine and quantify problem areas in order to improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

Power System Audit should be an essentially required concern for all buildings especially Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions and last but not least, the industrial units. It a professional indepth activity by which health of an electrical distribution network can be guaged by survey of electrical installations and their specialized testings. Although the idea has not gained due populariy at large but few of the Multinationals and sensitive installations are now paying heed towards this essential practice which require checking and testing of electrical installations at regular intervals to minimize chance of electrical fire caused by short circuits, shock hazards for human life and to avoid unforseen power outages causing unforseen production losses.

We have conducted power system audit for Telecom companies in about more than 100 branches, hi rise towers and well reputed banks etc who have shown much satisfaction about the results which enabled avoidance of electrical short circuits and fire hazards. We recommend the same for all new installations (atleast before energization) and for others, atleast at 02 years reular interval. It does not cost much but it adds to enterprenorial satisfaction.

We can also perform electrical power audits  required for ISO Certifications and other international certifications.

We are registered and 
licence holders of : 

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Electric Inspector, Government of Pakistan

Some of our power audits done are below:

a) World Bank Islamabad

b) Islamabad Club

c) Mobilink (Jazz) North and Central Branches

d) Sona Tower , Rawalpindi

e) Habib Bank G-10 Branch

f) Saudi Pak Tower, Islamabad

g) Askari Bank ITG Building, E-11 Islamabad.

h) Supervion of Isolation Hospital for Infectious Diseases (Corona Hospital) in liason with Electrical consultant.