Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards

After someone wins, you can still keep playing! To do so, all players will clear their cards off and the caller can start again. This is the PERFECT game for a mom-to-be who does not want to be the center of attention while opening her gifts. These cards measures about 5 x 6″ inches when printed and cut. When a player gets 3 in a row, they will call out bingo and the game will end. Give each guest a bingo card and set of 9 tokens.

The winner is the woman (or man!) whose string comes closest to your pregnant tummy’s actual circumference. Pass out the gifts so each guest is holding one. At the guest of honor’s command, everyone opens the gifts simultaneously. Then you can ask each guest to take a turn holding up the gift she opened and saying who it came from. When a gift is handed to the guest of honor to open, don’t announce who it’s from. After she’s opened it and holds up the item for everyone to see, ask the group to shout out guesses about who brought it.

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